Episode 311: 2020 Premium Notebooks Release

The 2020 Saturday2Sunday Premium Notebooks are now LIVE for purchase. Paul discusses each of the four 2020 Premium Notebooks you get for $9.99. At purchase you get access immediately to two notebooks, the 2020 Scouting Notebook and the 2020 Rankings Notebook.

The 2020 Scouting Notebook has film analysis and profiles already on 18 QB, 16 TE, 29 RB and 25 WR. This discusses each prospects strengths, concerns, developmental and functional areas, NFL Role, NFL scheme fit and NFL Draft Projection. This will be updated and added throughout the season and during the predraft months before 2020. 

The 2020 Rankings Notebook contains 2020 draft eligible rankings, devy rankings, 2019 dynasty rookie rankings and then after the season, 2020 draft rankings and tiers and after the 2020 NFL Draft, new dynasty rookie rankings. 

The final two notebooks, the 2020 Freshmen Notebook will be released in late March or April of 2020 and the 2020 NFL Draft Projections Notebook will be released in April of 2020. The Freshmen Notebook will consist of player profiles of the top incoming freshmen plus rankings. The 2020 NFL Draft Projections will consist of tabs for every position (offensive and defensive). The prospects will be listed in the order that we expect them to be selected. This notebook will contain each prospects measurements, athletic testing if they participated in the NFL Combine, some scouting notes (strengths & concerns), their best NFL position and NFL Round projection. Also this notebook will have a Top 32 tab, Top 100 tab and Top 250 tab, which will try to accurately predict what players will be selected on night one, rounds one through three and then the entire NFL Draft.

You can purchase the 2020 Premium Notebooks here