Episode 299: 2020 Rookie Mock Draft

Paul and Matt are back together to kick off the coverage of the 2020 NFL Draft Prospects. In this episode they talk about the class as a whole and why the wide receiver class may rival the historic 2014 class. In addition they discuss the star potential and depth of the running backs, how the quarterback class could be similar to last year's class and how the tight end class will have interesting options on day 2 but may not have any round one prospects like this past year. 

Next, Paul and Matt do a way-too-early one round 2020 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft as a way to discuss many prospects. They share their quick thoughts on each selection and what intrigues them most about the player. Following the one round mock, they discuss by position many other prospects that would be taken in the second and third round of rookie mocks and some possible under the radar guys. They use this as a way of providing the listeners with a detailed 2020 NFL Draft Watch List for the skill positions. 

Episode 298: Rookie Talk With Harris Football

Paul is joined by special guest Christopher Harris of Harris Football (@HarrisFootball) to discuss the 2019 rookie class. Paul and Chris discuss the rookies in terms of their redraft and dynasty value. They go through position by position and talk about many of the top rookies. 

The players discussed include Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders, David Montgomery, Darrell Henderson, Justice Hill, Damien Harris, T.J. Hockenson, Noah Fant, N'Keal Harry, D.K. Metcalf, Parris Campbell, Marquise Brown and Deebo Samuel. 

Check all of Chris' work at www.HarrisFootball.com and make sure to listen to his podcast and purchase his 2019 Player Almanac. 

Episode 297: Seminar Series (Part 12): Panel Discussion with Matt Waldman and Jarrett Moyer

In the twelfth and final episode of the 2019 Summer Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Matt Waldman (@MattWaldman) and Jarrett Moyer (@JMoyerFB) for a panel discussion about the implications of several of these principles on their evaluative lens.


Episode 296: Seminar Series (Part 11): Cody Alexanders

In our eleventh installment of the Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Cody Alexander (@The_Coach_A) Cody is currently the Secondary Coach at Midlothian HS (5A DII - TX) and author of the very successful website MatchQuarters.com. He is the author of two books on defending modern offenses, Cautious Aggression: Defending Modern Football (2017) and Hybrids: The Making of a Modern Defense (2018). Cody has an extensive collegiate and high school coaching background ranging from his days as a Defensive Graduate Assistant at Baylor University under former Arizona St. (2017) and Baylor (2011-16) Defensive Coordinator, Phil Bennett to more recently, being the Corners Coach at Lovejoy High School (5A) in Lucas, TX from 2015 to 2016. In this episode we discuss the nature of the unique movement problems facing defenders within the game of American Football. In addition, we examine the implications of these principles on evaluation and coaching.

Episode 294: Seminar Series (Part 9): Taylor Boggs

In the ninth installment of our Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Taylor Boggs (@TBoggsOLP). Taylor is a Coach at Offensive Line Performance (OLP). Taylor as played offensive line at both collegiate and NFL level. In this episode we discuss how the nature of the problems facing the offensive line athlete and it's implications on coaching and evaluation.

Episode 293: Seminar Series (Part 8): Dub Maddox

In our eighth installment of the Summer Seminar series, Matt is joined by Dub Maddox. Coach Maddox is the Co-Owner National Football Academies and the creator of the R4 System . He has authored several R4 books What is Open, Adapt or Die & From Headset to Helmet . Coach Maddox is the Head Coach for the Victory Christian Conquerors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 6x State Champion and was recently selected in the Hudl Top 100 of Coaches as an innovator in advancements in football. In this episode we discuss the nature of offense as a 'space" game and the implications of this idea on coaching and evaluation.


Episode 292: Seminar Series (Part 7): Shawn Myszka

In the seventh installment of our Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Shawn Myszka (@MovementMiyagi) of Movement Mastery. Shawn is a performance advisor for NFL players, a sport movement specialist, an educator & presenter. Shawn is also the author of the very popular website entitled Football Beyond The Stats:Breaking Down On-Field Movement of the Game's Best. Shawn is also one of the founders of the movement skill education company called Emergence. In this episode we discuss how the principles of skill acquisition provide a representative framework for understanding the nature of the problems players face within American football. We also discuss the implications of these understandings on coaching and evaluation.

Episode 291: Seminar Series (Part 6): Ross Cooper

In the sixth installment of our Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Ross Cooper (@GorillaMyscles). Ross is a Football Skill Acquisition Coach and Recruiting Coordinator. In this episode we discuss how the principles skill acquisition are impacting the development of American football players with emphasis on "who" is skill. What is the nature of authenticity of movement?

Episode 290: Seminar Series (Part 5): Daniel Abrahams

In the fifth installment of our Seminar Series exploring the Player Problem-Solver Paradigm, Matt is joined by Sport Psychologist, consultant, author, blogger & podcaster - Daniel Abrahams (@DanAbrahams77). A former pro-golfer, Daniel is the author of multiple sport psychology books that include 'Soccer Tough I & II' , 'Soccer Brain' & 'Golf Tough'.  Daniel is also of the host of the very successful sport psychology podcast called the 'Sport Psych Show' (@sportpsychshow). In this episode Daniel and I discuss how the psychology of athletes manifests itself on the field of play.

Additional Works of Daniel Abrahams