Episode 299: 2020 Rookie Mock Draft

Paul and Matt are back together to kick off the coverage of the 2020 NFL Draft Prospects. In this episode they talk about the class as a whole and why the wide receiver class may rival the historic 2014 class. In addition they discuss the star potential and depth of the running backs, how the quarterback class could be similar to last year's class and how the tight end class will have interesting options on day 2 but may not have any round one prospects like this past year. 

Next, Paul and Matt do a way-too-early one round 2020 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft as a way to discuss many prospects. They share their quick thoughts on each selection and what intrigues them most about the player. Following the one round mock, they discuss by position many other prospects that would be taken in the second and third round of rookie mocks and some possible under the radar guys. They use this as a way of providing the listeners with a detailed 2020 NFL Draft Watch List for the skill positions.