Episode 257: Graham Barfield

Paul is joined by Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) of NFL.com and creator of Yards Created to discuss the 2019 Running Back class. First Graham discusses Yards Created, how long he has been doing it, what goes into the process and why it is such a valuable tool in evaluating the running back prospects. Next he discusses some running backs over the last four years in which the yards created profile was higher on that the consensus leading up to the draft. 

Next Paul and Graham discuss the 2019 running back class as a whole and how it is very different than previous years. Next, they discuss seven of the top running backs in this class and Graham goes through how each tested in the Yards Created profile. The seven running backs includes Josh Jacobs, Darrell Henderson, Miles Sanders, Damien Harris, David Montgomery, Devin Singletary and Bryce Love. 

To close out the show Paul and Graham discuss how Love and another injured running back, Rodney Anderson are the two true wild cards in this RB class and how if both of them can get healthy, they have a chance to both be impact players and make the position look better than it is.