Episode 117: Mike Kuchar of X and O Labs

In Part II of our Summer Seminar Series on the running game, Matt welcomes Mike Kuchar of XandOLabs.com to discuss his thoughts. The first part of the show discusses a brief overview of a few different types of running schemes (Gap/Zone/Option). The second part of the show they discuss traits that they believe all great running backs must possess. The next segment of the show they discuss if there are traits that make a running back better suited to a specific scheme. The final segment of the show they talk about the evolution of the running game over the last ten years and they discuss what they believe the running backs of the future will look like.

Matt Caraccio (@matty_os)
Paul Perdichizzi (@paulie23ny)
Bill Latin (@BillLatin)

Editor: David Nakano (@kawikaNakano)