S2S 2017 Draft Spreadsheet

Below is the link for the Saturday2Sunday 2017 Draft Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains a tab for every offensive and defensive position, ranked by how Paul forecasts the picks to go off the board. For each player, it has a round projection, best position, height, weight, and college. If they participated at the NFL Combine, many of those metrics are posted in the spreadsheet as well (thanks to Mike Loyko posting in a spreadhseet during the combine). After a tab for each position, you will see three tabs of Paul's projected top 32, top 107 (first 3 rounds) and all 257 picks with a just missed section for each tab as well. The next tab is the classification of tiers that Matt and Paul created and discussed on all their tier breaker shows for the quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. The final two tabs are Matt and Paul's final tiers and rankings based on their film analysis and metrics for the offensive skill positions. In each of those tabs it also includeds both Matt and Paul's top 36 pre draft rookie dynasty rankings.