Episode 100: Forecasting the Draft and Celebrating 100

Matt and Paul forecast what they expect to happen during round one of the 2017 NFL Draft. Paul breaks down how many players he anticipates coming off the board at each position on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. They also discuss some of the other big storylines that they will be following closely during all three days of the draft. They conclude the episode discussing the journey that has led to the 100th episode of the Saturday2Sunday podcast, giving thanks to all the people that made it possible and to all the great guests that they have had on the show. The two discuss plans for the future and how they will continue to try and expand the coverage they hope to provide for their listeners. 


Matt Caraccio (@matty_os)
Paul Perdichizzi (@paulie23ny)

Editor: David Nakano (@kawikaNakano)