Episode 96: Sigmund Bloom

Paul and Matt are joined by special guest Sigmund Bloom, of Football Guys. The three of them discuss the 2017 rookie class in great detail covering a variety of topics and prospects including the overall quality of the rookie class in terms of fantasy rookie drafts, how high of a pick would he give up for Donte Moncrief or Eric Decker, how he values Corey Davis, how the 2nd tier/3rd tier of wide receivers may be 15 or more deep, how the landing spot for the top four running backs will impact their ranking, some of his favorite power/space backs, how very few running backs are safe in their usage, the depth of the tight end class, who is his favorite quarterback prospect, where would the quarterbacks start to come off the board in two quarterback dynasty leagues, and much more. 

Matt Caraccio (@matty_os)
Paul Perdichizzi (@paulie23ny)

Editor: David Nakano (@kawikaNakano)