Episode 80: Tier Busters- Running Backs

Matt and Paul break down the 2017 running back class into five tiers. They discuss what characteristics, NFL draft position and dynasty rookie draft position make up each of the tiers. They put over 25 prospects into the different tiers and discuss each of the tiers in detail. They discuss who could possibly be making a move up into a new tier or who may move to the top of their current tier before draft season. The two discuss in great detail the differences between Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook, whether or not or Joe Mixon is on the same level as those, and the differences between Christian McCaffery and Alvin Kamara. Other prospects discussed in great detail include Samaje Perine, Kareem Hunt, Joe Williams, Jeremy McNicholas, Brian Hill, Marlon Mack, Tarik Cohen and more. 

Matt Caraccio (@matty_os)
Paul Perdichizzi (@paulie23ny)

Editor: David Nakano (@kawikaNakano)