Podcast Recap: Episode 2

To supplement our podcasts, we will often write a blog post recapping the important items discussed on the most recent episode, with additional commentary on some of those topics.

Topic 1: The Value of Devy Picks Relative to NFL Veterans  

The value of devy picks was discussed after Nick brought up how he traded devy picks/players for Brandon Marshall and Alfred Morris. The discussion focused on how often people get excited to acquire devy picks but often many do not live up to their college hype. In most instances if you can acquire NFL veterans with proven track records as valuable fantasy assets for unproven devy players or picks, the deal will be in your favor.

Topic 2: How much of a priority is building dynasty/devy rosters around wide receivers over other positions?

This discussion focused on the importance of building your dynasty and devy rosters around wide receivers. The focal points centered on the longevity of careers, committee backfields, specialized roles for running backs, and how running backs even after good years are replaceable when teams see an opportunity to upgrade.  An example that was discussed was the St. Louis Rams with Zac Stacy, Tre Mason and Todd Gurley.

Topic 3: What are some of the traits that are most crucial when evaluating wide receivers at the collegiate level?

Matt, Nick and I had a discussion on what traits we look for when analyzing college wide receivers. These traits help us in evaluating how they may transition to the NFL level. Some of the traits we discussed  included their hands, route running, change of direction skills, speed, physicality, adjustments in air and the ability to make contested catches or go up and get the ball.

Topic 4: Discussion of 2016 draft eligible wide receivers

  1. De’Runnya Wilson, Mississippi State, Junior 6’5”, 216
  • 2014 stats- 47 receptions, 680 yards, 9 touchdowns
  1. Corey Coleman, Baylor, Junior  5’11” 180
  • 2014 stats- 64 receptions, 1119 yards, 11 touchdowns
  1. Quinshad Davis, North Carolina, Senior  6’4” 220
  • 2014 stats- 41 receptions, 470 yards, 6 touchdowns
  1. Rarshard Higgins, Colorado State, Junior  6’2” 190
  • 2014 stats- 96 receptions, 1750 yards, 17 touchdowns
  1. Tajae Sharp, Massachusetts, Senior 6’3” 200
  • 2014 stats- 85 receptions, 1281 yards, 7 touchdowns

Topic 5: Discussion of 2017 draft eligible wide receivers

  1. Malachi Dupre, LSU, Sophomore 6’3”, 187
  • 2014 stats- 14 receptions, 318 yards, 5 touchdowns
  1. Artavis Scott, Clemson, Sophomore  5’10” 190
  • 2014 stats- 76 receptions, 965 yards, 8 touchdowns
  1. JuJu Smith, USC, Sophomore  6’2” 215
  • 2014 stats- 54 receptions, 724 yards, 5 touchdowns