Welcome to Saturday2Sunday

Matt, Nick and I are proud to welcome you to Saturday2Sunday Football. We will represent a new voice in the fantasy football community. Our podcast and blog will specialize in discussing devy and dynasty fantasy football leagues, as we try to find the stars of tomorrow today.  The three of us will take an in depth look at the process of scouting and player evaluation of college players and how they will transition to the NFL. We will provide you with information that will help you become more successful in not only your dynasty and devy leagues but also redraft, college and daily fantasy leagues.

While fantasy football will always have a component that is based on luck, knowledge is power and the more you have of it, the better positioned you will be to have an advantage over your league mates. Saturday2Sunday Football will discuss and analyze many topics throughout the entire year that includes but will not be limited to: dynasty rookie rankings, devy rankings, rookie mock drafts, positional previews, how to scout, film review, stock reports, buy or sell, college all-star games, NFL Combine, NFL Draft, and National Signing Day. We look forward to being very interactive with our readers and listeners via social media and providing them a voice in the fantasy football world.